Michael Cole is your experienced leader answering Central Ohio’s call to strengthen public education, broaden career pathways and improve quality of life in Ohio’s 26th House District. Michael Cole is committed to moving Ohio forever forward.


Creating a Stable, Fair, and Equitable, Public Education System
  • Introduce a new education funding model that appropriately funds public schools without total reliance on property taxes;
  • Create stability in our classrooms for students and teachers by ensuring a fair consistent model for curriculum and measuring academic growth;
  • Fight to keep elected officers on our state school board to legislate policies, represent the people, guide the state superintendent, and advise the Governor and Ohio legislature; and
  • Ensure a level playing field between public schools and charter schools. Charter schools should be held to equal standards for all operations, class instruction, and student achievement.

Broadening Employment Pathways
  • Fund and support community-based programs and organizations that provide training for careers in the trades for youth and adults;
  • Strengthen investment in local infrastructure to repair our crumbling roads, and bridges while improving public transportation;
  • Legislate a TRUE jobs commission that has full transparency and accountability to taxpaying Ohioans; and
    Widen opportunity for minority business enterprises and other small businesses to build capacity and thrive.


 Making Healthcare-Care for Ohioans
  • Work to ensure that all medicine provided through public dollars to seniors, children, veterans, and our poverty-line families are not negotiated at overpriced rates with pharmaceutical companies. Ohio should institute a price-cap system to keep costs of medicine affordable and sustainable; and
  • Support and embed proactive steps to community wellness with our land-granted institutions and agricultural sector to ensure more locally sourced organic goods in our schools, recreation programs, senior programs, and local neighborhoods.


Ensuring A Good Quality Of Life
  • Reinvest funding to local governments to strengthen safety in neighborhoods with well trained and culturally competent first responders;
  • Remove barriers in revised code that create difficulties for local governments to draw down capital dollars through shared bond initiatives. This can open doors for more collaboration around affordable and needed improvements to buildings and infrastructure; and
  • Create “investment zones” in blighted neighborhoods to help spawn mixed home ownership and local business growth.



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